Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Tricky Roads

The monster with one red eye stares at her
The booze in her system shuts off the fear
The pops in another sweet painkiller
And washes it down with a swig of beer

The numbers all count from 60 to 1
She is waiting for zero and oh so much fun
She starts the bike and spins the accelerator
The numbers reach 3 and she is in first gear

A man on a yellow bike zips past her machine
A mad urge to race kicks into her blood stream
She lets out a battle cry and there she goes flying
Wind whips her hair and her eyes start crying

She zooms past the yellow bike and flips him the bird
That man is in a white coat, four eyed like a nerd
His front teeth are broken, his chin is unshaved
She laughs like a maniac as she vrooms ahead

The nerd is a stickler won’t give up the fight
They both turn the corner just on to the right
She twists her machine like a snake in the heat
She will gladly kill but not accept defeat!!

The nerd is now gaining which she doesn’t like
She takes the beer bottle from the front of her bike
One last swig and she throws it behind her
The sound of the tumbling crash just keeps getting sweeter
This one is inspired by Meenakshi's post!


  1. aah finally you added my blog's feed!
    But u know , i believe it that there shud be no quid pro quo in blogosphere.the last time i rued the not being on ur list in a comment on ur blog it was jlt.
    As i said i like your prolific scribbling of hilarious- at times dark -verses and whether i commment or not i always maro a chakkar.So expect me arnd :)

  2. after having read a bunch of the poems you've posted here i still don't know what to think.

    i get this facetious, mocking vibe from them. all dark humor. poisoned pudding pops. that sorta thing.

    it's strange and interesting and kinda upsetting.

    assuming that's what you were going for, which i hope you were, or i feel stupid, why?

    just for the fun of it? or something more... ?

    faustian perhaps?

    i'm reading too much into, i just know it.

    at any rate, it's enjoyable and thought provoking (obviously).

  3. hahahahha... too good. Mind blowing!
    But why did u make him look like a nerd? He wasn't so bad! :( ;-)
    And I dont drink! :P

    Ok ok... I know its not about me. just a trigger to write. And I loved your poem. Its damn hilarious. :-)