Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thus Spake God...

It was a bad night in a good way and then God woke up
He had the worst hangover and his head was fucked
He picked up his shoes from the pool of his vomit
The broke through the door cuz he HAD to take a shit.

Mrs God was pissed as he walked into his house
She was armed with a bat and he cowered like a mouse
She started to speak as God willed himself deaf
All he really wanted was his favourite decaf

She threw him out of heaven and he walked on for miles
He sat down and got up and then cursed his piles
Satan saw him walking and beckoned him with a smile
So they both sat together and cursed Mrs God for a while

I've had it up to hear with that bitch and her ways
Satan nodded his head as he listened to God say
I'm gonna get a tent and live my life in a park
But then he noticed that the world was so dark

So God hitched up his birches and pumped up his chest
This was gonna happen but once he had to make it the best
Mrs God was coming for him she was not done with the fight
God ran for his life in the dark and screamed "Let there be Light!"


  1. you na....
    leave God alone.before He gets you.
    seriously leave God,Adam and the others alone.but man some imagination.but still you're being blasphemous!!!

  2. God won't leave me alone! He is with me, we are mates ;) no harm for a lil fun, and if he didn't want this poem he would not have given me the imagination to write it!! he he

    Cheers to that!