Monday, October 29, 2007


She trawls the darkness of thoughts
Her fingers claw in the minds of men
Grasping and clutching from one to another
She is Keyblaster, there is no stopping her

She builds a castle on the shore of time
In the sands of eternity which look so fine
Every night the waves wash her dream to dust
But she builds again driven by her lust

She strengthens her creations with the thoughts of men
From the stygian corners, there, here, now and then
Every night the castles stands a little longer
Before the waves wash off the creation and the creator

Keyblaster has vowed to create her home
Where she will feed on evil thoughts all alone
But someone on the other end of sea doesn't agree
Keyblaster is imprisoned, never to be set free

She still builds her castle
From thoughts of poets and men
A godly creation touched by satan
She builds her home into the night


Keyblaster, the word came in my head when i woke up from a night of heavy dreaming.



  1. whoa! blew my mind, this one...

  2. hahahahahha... What is this you have for these super natural or some greater powers? Often there is this really dark, mysterious, satanic power behind your writings... do you really believe in them? :-)

    Nice poem though. I liked the thought of the keyblaster building her sand castle everynight, just to find it washed away by dawn. The idea is that of hope and quite bright, but the execution, characterization is dark... perfect paradox between the idea and execution. Good work! :-)

  3. @Shimmer... blew your mind? Gee ;)

    @Winged Fantasy... humm I do have a thing for Power, good bad, natural supernatural, power is power ;) I do believe in Satan though:) really. The name came to me in a dream, the idea of a sand castle...its just like dreams...every night and gone in the day :)