Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Chaos Love

She walked in my life like a car crash on a highway
The thing in my chest gave a lurch like a heart attack
The world tumbled around her like a tower
She could kill with her looks, such was her power

All her love letters always made the postmen sick
The only sound from her gifts was a slight tick tick
Her emails had the virus-es which made my system crash
Her lipstick tasted sweet but it gave me a rash

Our first date was in July and I still remember
I was food poisoned from that day till first of November
A waiter slipped on something and caught the table on his head
I know this cuz he he cursed me while he lay in next bed

She sent me dead roses which stank of the gutter
The flies near me died and the birds didn't flutter
I know it wasn't her, not really her mistake
But there is only so much that a man can take

And this love of mine wasn't meant to be so weak
I got out of the hospital and married her the next week
Now cursed with three hellions my life is a wreck
Her love is a leash that is tied on my neck


  1. buddy whats with all the women suddenly featuring in your poems recently????
    you know what i'm pointing to.
    fume fume...

  2. Oh come on, would you like it if I wrote about guys! ;)


  3. hahahaha... loved it.
    There is this right balance of humour, sarcasm and wit in ur poems. Begining to love them a lot. :-)