Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Been A Long Time

Ice Cream screams for more and more
The axe is stuck in the back of the door
There is blood drying silently on the floor
And a long time since I last saw her

Headphones whisper satanic verses
The snow on the TV has an evil color
The air stinks like four months old socks
Been a long time since I saw her

Radio silence has ghosts of dead RJs talking
Animated, they sing songs of dead rock stars
Screaming into the night a banshees dances
Been a long time since I saw her

The shotgun plants a French kiss on my mouth
Embracing me like the Anaconda in my dream
One rib breaks, punctures heart, I pull the trigger
Gonna be a long long time till I'll get to see her

Are you ready?

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