Saturday, July 28, 2007

Stray Words Strung Together

My heart is full of lead
There's a memory in my head
Something I'm keeping for a rainy day
A photograph that will never fade away

Someone's leaving on a plane
The voice is now in my brain
Speaking a poem on a lost goodbye
I don't wanna shut it, I don't wanna try

I feel like destroying something beautiful
When all the world is black and white dull
I can do it but I doubt if I can
What will God say to this man?

My thoughts are stray and broken tonight
I gave up then I started the fight
It's futile I know, cuz no one really wins
When the end comes, you have to pay up for your sins.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Songs of Doom

God said hi to me today
Even though I do not pray
I just wanna live, have fun
So I'd rather be friends with Satan

Of course people would raise questions
On this funny friendship with the fallen one
The bringer of light, the most beautiful angel
We could share a beer ot two in a bar on Hades

We could make a plan or two while Earth is frying
But all the good in the world is already dying
Earthlings rats in their cages and no one is free
So I watch news with Satan and laugh at the TV

In this chaos and anarchy we have learned to live
We have taken everything and we have nothing to give
When things hit bottom we cry and blame God
God doesn't give a shit, he's listening to his ipod.

Satan is over the moon
Listening to his Zune
I am but a man
Happy with my Sony Walkman

Monday, July 23, 2007

The Lost Goodbye

Some arrows are intended to miss
Sometimes a smile is sweeter than a kiss
Sometimes time has its own slow pace
We were never in a hurry to finish this race

Some words are never meant to be spoken
Some walls are never meant to be broken
Still we speak, choose victory over defeat
Break the wall and lo! it's someone else we meet

Some surprises you can not understand
Some meanings are not to be asked
Heck, use google when you can
Leave some element unknown of this man

So what the hell am I going about
Some might be confused but one is not
That one can read between the lines better than me or you
That one can, that one does and that one will doo


Goodbyes are never final, so till we 'bump' into each other again .... ;)

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Stupid Man

A man walks to the edge of the river
He feels a chill and starts to shiver
Something must have walked over his grave
He thinks about giving up being brave

He breathes deep and fills his lungs
Strange words start forming on his tongue
He whispers some and screams the others
Throwing curses at the wind and the river

He steps in the frigid calm waters
His feet rustle the mud at the bottom
A movement far away catches his attention
And he walks deeper into the river

He knows that they are coming for him
He knows how fast they can swim
He knows how sharp their teeth are
He knows they are not too far


Saturday, July 21, 2007

Today, like Yesterday

There was a ghost in my head today
He told me a story and he went away
I wrote it down for all to see
I found company in my misery

I saw a bird in the sky today
For a change not a vulture this time
A crow that came from far away
And told me all the words that rhyme

For some reason time is slow today
It's been two hours since I last said something
Slavery is much better some days
At least you get paid for doing nothing

I read a poem on a blog today
Sad it was but it made me laugh
So I wrote a pointless one from my side
So you can laugh on my behalf

Now say ha ha

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Senselessness

What have I done with all my life's time
What can be the reward for all my crimes
Who will be the judge and the jury for this man
What can I do with all this stupid fury, if I can.

The questions fall on my head like ugly raindrops
I can't complain cuz I don't understand
This hopelessness has stemmed from the best of my hopes
A life once alive is now bleeding in my hands

As I watch this world turn, move, rush and spin
The monster smiles in my mind and sometimes it grins
I keep a diary of my sins and add them all in my head
To argue with god on gates of hell whenever when I'm dead

This sadness of senselessness has taken over me
I am so engulfed in myself that there is nothing I can see
There is a word in my book, that was never meant to be
All wounds hurt and the last one kills, can the truth set a soul free?

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007


You can never win the rat race
Are you even sure you are running
The end and start are at one place
Everyone running for the same thing.

Running with the rats, there is never any peace
Everyone clawing and biting at everyone else
Run with one eyes closed, keep palms greased
You can only get ahead by stepping onto necks.

Run with a grin and outrun your sins
Don't let them ever catch up with you
Kill to live and live to kill
In a rat race, violence is the only thrill

Now, closer to the finish line
Well, this has been fun
I've left my dead soul behind me
And I'm back at where I begun

Monday, July 16, 2007

Somewhere Fear

A raging fury builds slowly
Volcanos seethe inside me head
I crawl into the darkness within
And talk to things under my bed

The voices speak of all things strange
Of madness, dreams, death and pain
Of lands where everyone is deranged
And sermons relayed through the insane

I listen
I hear
I remember
I fear

I wait for them to come for me
To take me away, on my way
To somewhere strange, to something new
Away from me and all of you.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Cursed with Memories

Bad songs on a lonely night
A hungry heart which won't fight
A scalding pain tearing me apart
I hate to think this is just the start

More follows
In new shapes
Left alone for dead
I never asked for this much space

I can do nothing but hold on
Like a dying man hanging on to hope
To a memory of long ago
Should I let it go?

But who is holding who?
Whose face in whose head?
The vicious circle of a thought
Somethings I just don't want to forget

Sunday, July 8, 2007

In the Shadows of Stupidity

There is a shadow in the corner
Could be him or could be her
When I move it does not stir
And I'm taken by a stupid fear

There are things that don't make sense
Grammar of past or present tense
Rhyme of this poem is in check
But the end might be a wreck.

What am I trying to say?
Do I want to have my way?
Is this poem turning gay?
Ah! my needle in the hay!

First poem