Friday, March 31, 2017

Not In Days

I woke up a millennium ago
Stitched my eyelids to my brows
I've been walking these wastelands ever since
Till how long, fuck knows
My open eyes have seen it all
How kingdoms rise
How civilizations fall
But I've longed, oh I've longed
For just one thing
Through it all
To put my face on a pillow soft
A bag of feathers to keep my head aloft
Just the image makes me want to weep
Oh how I wish I could go to sleep
And then I'd sleep and I'd dream
I'd not twist or turn
I'd just lie in my bed and burn

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Opened A Vein

the sky is a filthy mouth
open in a maniac grin
a demented black hole sucking sin
too much feedback to take it in

reshaping fucked up realities
twisting colors into infinities
dreaming dreams of death and doom
civilizations buried in underground cities

sit back, grab a drink -- relax, my friend
we're here to watch it all burn down
to dust, ashes and a strange crop
take a bite of the chewing gum of hope

now stare at the teeth of clouds that grin
snapping shut like a trap around my shins
the teeth they chew like a dog, and so do i
my chewing gum of hope is stringing thin

I built a spaceship from chewing gum and hope

Sunday, March 26, 2017

clockwork lover

the doctor smiles at me
under the frigid lights
there is no need to worry, he says
everything is alright

i see the nurses gather round
like vultures on a dying man
the doctor wields his scalpels
do i spy a tremor in his hands?

they pump me full of great drugs
someone puts on some heavy music
the nurses take turns to give me hugs
but the drum beats are making me sick

finally the doctor is done
he hold his trophy high in his hand
a heart -- red, violent and beating still
is replaced by a clock in a can

don't ask me why, ask me why not.

Saturday, March 25, 2017

In The End...Only Smoke

and so
the war is done
fields are strewn with dead
carry on, carrion

blood rusts the ground
a muted sun bursts with hate
no cries, no one begs for mercy
the dead have sealed their own fate

a hole opens up in the sky
a host of valkyries descends
they walk among the dead, empty handed
all same, the dead -- foes and friends

in the end, only smoke
the smoke of life ending
once we're done pretending
isn't all this, but a joke?

Tonight's music is stairway to heaven and unleashing the bloodthirsty.

Time to re-roll the poetry machine.

Monday, March 13, 2017

the circle

the circle opens
sharp prongs of a ring
the animals walk in
to hear the ringmaster sing

the crack of the whip
the thwack of the chair
if a beast manages to slip
it's shoved back in its lair

the ringmaster swings
he spins and he twirls
the curve of his mustache
makes puddles out of girls

as the lights dim and dimmer
he sits in the cage alone
and the ghosts crowd around him
in the space that he calls home