Sunday, July 16, 2017


far above a cursed earth
a lonely satellite looms
signals processing, data meshing
waiting for the doom

deep below in belly of earth
a girl sits in a bunker
the men with guns search for her
but they still can't punk her

the satellite floats in magnetic waves
its belly filled with fire
it's been waiting for a hundred years
for a signal from her

her finger hovers on the button
a button marked as doom
she takes a breath and slams the button
as men with guns enter her room

before the bullets pierce her skin
the room begins to blur
where there was a living girl
now there's no sign of her

inside the floating satellite
the fiddles with the keys
the wires wrap around her
the software whispers please

slowly becoming one with the machine
she says a prayer for the dead
to rid the earth of all its sins
she lets go the biggest warhead

a scorched planet below her
circuitry in her heart
she pulls the satellite deeper in space
to find a place to restart 

I've been slacking writing poems here, because life isn't fair and you even when you get what you want, it's not what you wanted. 

Stay hydrated out there. 

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