Saturday, July 29, 2017

chew you up

you thought you had teeth, son
you'd take a bite out of the sun
but o, now look, your teeth are rotten
you're lying in the darkness, alone, forgotten

whose jaws are now clamped on your neck
which demon this from regions of heck
can you wriggle, can you move your head
you better try, or you will end up dead

maybe it's alright to not move at all
why try to run when you can't even crawl
play dead, dead like a fish in a stream
maybe you'll wake up and all this would be a bad dream

but this thing, this demon has tasted your fear
you can try to run away, but this thing is always near
so sit down, shut up, and suffer the punishment
life will chew you up for death. Are we clear?

chomp chomp motherfucker.

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