Thursday, February 9, 2017


the void calls out to me
in my sleep
febrile dreams haunt me
sitting on my chest
malevolent bast
staring into my soul
stripping my sin from bones
i am surrounded by humanity
yet, so alone
if there ever was any hope for me
it's over
done for
no more
i've drowned that bag of puppies
in a swamp that i created
filled with my mistakes
and bad decisions
sins of my father
now i see in my reflection
i'd try and do better
if only i could take action
but the void has got my soul now
it chomps, bites, and swallows chunks
to regurgitate and rebuild me
keep me trapped in this funk
so why do i keep going
so why do i keep waking up
to dig my teeth in the neck of the void
but that's maybe
i've nothing better to do

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