Tuesday, December 13, 2016


a thread and some dread
a needle pointy as sin
pull the skin, taut
close my eyes and push it in

there is no need for words anymore
i am too much in love to speak
sounds lose meaning when you don't listen
we can just look at each other like freaks

i will love you without conditions or terms
no expiry date on this shit, i swear
but this, i beg of you, sew my mouth shut
just needle and thread here, here, and here

make a criss cross pattern on my lips
make it pretty like pinned butterflies
there is one truth, and i've told you it
i don't want to speak any lies

i will not touch the stitches till my mouth heals
fusing the wound of my mouth in perfect skin
but even you will cringe and move away from me
when i spread my scar in a love drunk grin

Winter is the best time for writing strange poems.

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