Tuesday, December 13, 2016

aside -- some thoughts

Hello, non existent lovely readers,

I thought I'd say hi to you that's more in prose than poetry. Maybe I am talking only to myself, but maybe, there is one reader I have. And trust me, on most days, one reader is enough. More than enough, I say.

And, my one reader, for you, I write this.

I started this blog back in 2007! July 8, when I wrote the first poem here. And next year, it's going to be ten years of this blog. I don't know if I've done anything in my life for ten continuous years! It's big, for sure. I mean, for me it is. I know people have been blogging for longer than this, hell, my other blog A Story A Day is probably older than this blog. But poetry has always been a first preference for me over prose. I like writing prose, but I prefer writing poetry. I feel more at home in my set format of writing poems. Prose can go wild, poems tend to stay in their station and go places.

Strange places mostly, but places nonetheless.

I hope you're having fun reading these poems as I am having fun writing them. This year, I've written 137 poems, which is more than I've written any other year. This is seriously cool.

And why did this happen? Because of you, my dear reader. Because of you.

So, onwards to 2017 and ahead.

Stay inspired


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