Saturday, December 10, 2016

Anarchy -- The Purge

can you hear the sirens, darling?
can you hear them come closer, love?
can you hear them knocking at the door, sweetness?
so pick your gun and put your war face on

the purge outside is the purge within
to purge the goodness we must purge the sin
all truth is a lie, everything is allowed
so, my love, shall we begin?

open the door, step into the night
prey in streets, won't die without a fight
keep your ammo dry and your blade sharp
wanna blow them up, prepare to ignite

bad mood and feeling rude
hungry, seeking violent food
weapons new, emotion crude
this night won't end well, dude

the purge has come to our door
and we welcomed it with open arms
only a fool would try to stop us
and step in the way of grievous harm


This is the last of the Anarchy series of poems.


Something completely different.

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