Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Anarchy -- Gash

the doctors and the nurses
looked at him and laughed
they said, sir, what the fuck
there is no treatment for this gash

he trudged from clinic to clinic
telling the doctors that he was sick
heal me please, he did beg
as the gash bled between his legs

he shoved in balls of cotton
his gloves, his hat, and his shirt
he even shoved in his sweater
but the gash continued to spurt

he tried to tape it shut
but the gash ate the roll of tape
with his fingers, hand, arm, and rest of him
till all signs of him were erased

some say the gash floats around even now
you can hear its whispers when night is dark
it's silent and stealthy like a dog
whose bite is worse than its bark

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