Sunday, December 11, 2016


hello, old friend
we're here again, aren't we?
just you, and me
the same old, you see

we've done this so many times
it feels like second skin
we're addicts of the worst kind
and we'll never win

so open the bottle
find that vein
spark up the flame
whisper her name

our goddess of misery
has come forth again
with her blessings

her fingers in our holes
she tongues out our souls
till we're flying high as pigs
in our psychedelic dreams

so you must ignore our screams
for they're screams of joy
my brain is leaking from my ears
oh boy!

my friend, the walls are closing in
we're trapped in a tiny rubik's cube
if i can solve it, we'll be free
but first reach around and gimme that lube

we're mixing with each other's colors
oh joy, it looks like so much fun
my friend in the mirror, my brother, my mother
we were but two, now we're all one

Roll with me. Please, roll with me.

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