Thursday, November 17, 2016

Anarchy -- Souls for Sale

A man died in the riot yesterday
The rioters picked his body
They took it away

The tore up his sternum with their bare hands
To dig into his meat, flesh, and body parts
They wanted more than his heart

They found it, it was nestled like a tiny egg
At the base of his neck
Where his spine touched his skull

His soul was a broken, black thing
But they wanted all the credits it'd bring
On the Bay of Souls

When no one took a bite on the price they sought
The soul stealers weren't a bit distraught
They lowered the price

There are souls for sale
Out there in the night
You can buy one too
If you bid just right
Just right

Anarchy - 2. Too many of soul less people shambling around among us these days. Maybe we all can use some.

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