Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anarchy -- I, Riot Man

(Not that anyone cares, it's all fantasy poetry and 18+. If you're younger, fuck off and don't read. If you're butt hurt, leave a comment, I'll give you my phone number and tear you a new asshole. Otherwise, enjoy the anarchy)

I've always wanted to be

Part of a riot

But on the other side

Beating helpless protestors

With my dick shaped baton

I've always wanted to mace

A girl's pretty face

Spray it right in her mouth 

As her friends try to shield her

I'd spray them with my scaling mace too

There are nights when I fantasise 

(Makes my dick go supersize)

Oh, how I'd love to 

Man a water canon

Like the dick of a riot god

At the anarchyorgy

Death bukkake

Spraying spraying spraying

Cold water that rips off clothes

And skin and flesh

Shoots joints off bones 

Pops out eyeballs like rotten fruit

Pressure washes their empty skulls

For they dared 

To fuck with me

I, riot man


Anarchy Series of Poems

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