Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Whale song

Uh, I wrote this whole poem about a poem called the whale song
But my phone ate that poem
So, well, my dear, let's go meta on this beta
Because since when did any of us care about some invincible rules
Of rhyme and meter and phonetics and such
We were never the kinds to give a fuck
Anyhow, as I was saying
The poem was a question about what whales do when they're in mood for mating
Out in the deep blue, there are no apps for dating
Do whales get horny and feel love struck
After all day of swimming even whales need to fuck
So the whales sing their song
Even if it takes too long
Till they get a ping back
From another whale in mood for a love snack
Maybe Aquaman should do something
Open a mating school for fish
Cuz, sir, I for one
Would pay to watch whales kiss

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