Sunday, October 23, 2016

The Village -- Murderer

the children are running through the streets
there is an execution in the great hall tonight
they'll hang the murderer by his neck
to comfort the murdered's plight

they found her body in the sewers
rats had eaten her eyes
the found the murderer in a bar
and they beat the truth from his lies

he had met her on a soft afternoon
they had done things that men and women do
but then the beast had taken over
what then happened was nothing new

he broke her neck in his big hands
then he cried near her corpse
he thought drink would dull his senses
but only murder he spoke

so come, let's go to the big hall
mother father brother all
let's watch that sister fucker hang
his sin is big, but punishment small

we'll cut his corpse to pieces
defile it in ways unimaginable
he'll pay for his sins in afterlife
after all, we're all animals

New series of poems. Will be writing on this in between regular poems. This is the first, there are more planned.

As always, thanks for reading.

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