Sunday, October 23, 2016


finding love isn't easy
there is loads you need to do
you need to be strong and ready
before love finds you

plan ahead, rent a storage space
to keep love there once you find it
buy a lock made of sturdy steel
a locked door is better than a closed pit

some people travel far and wide
to search places where love can hide
they look and see to catch a sight
of this strange animal hiding in fright

love is a scaredy cat with sharp claws
love doesn't know fairness or any laws
love is a battlefield with bodies burning
love is a journey with no hope of returning

so when you go to find love, my love
carry your knives, swords and your gun
love is war every step of the way
did someone say it'd be fun?

it's gonna be tough to find love and hunt it down
but one day you will and then you'll turn around
by what you see, promise me, you won't get scared
when love finds you, the pain would be rare

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