Friday, October 7, 2016

Icarus Falling

the stupid fuck
that stupid fuck
he dared!

he flew too close to the sun
felt the wax melting off his wings
the wind in his face
screaming like a banshee
but Icarus
man, he was a smart motherfucker 
fell with a grin on his face
ready to taste
the ground
in a haste

as Daedalus watched
his heart in his throat
a prayer on his lips
but Icarus could keep the smile off his
after all, he was G.O.A.T

tumbling from the sky 
like a drunken marionette 
he looked up at the clouds
sent a prayer to the lord
balls of steel on that dude
just at the right altitude
he pulled the cord
and trust me it was cute
cuz Icarus had packed a fucking parachute

not sorry

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