Wednesday, September 7, 2016

quaking in limbo

if there is hell for me
i'd surely like to see
the kind of punishments
i'll enjoy for free

but hell is not a destination
hell is a journey
that we all take
step by step, mistake by mistake

the wall of pain, built brick by brick
till it breaks your back
makes you sick
you're thinking of Jesus
you're thinking of sin
at the bottom of the bottle
looking outside, cuz you're in

hell is not a hot place
no sir, hell is pretty cool
oh, i meant cold
but isn't everything
when you're getting old?
oh, i meant older
when the sum of your deeds
is a file in some folder
at the bottom of some heap
all your sins combined
and you can't even weep

cuz it's so fucking funny
it's funny as fuck
life's dick is jammed in your mouth
you're quickly learning to suck
oh, i meant blow
but, sir, then again
what the fuck do i know

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