Sunday, September 11, 2016

I Had So Much Faith

I used to close my eyes
While walking driving sleeping
Through my life
Because I had faith
Some stupid faith
In immortality
That some engine
Worked in background
To let me keep
My beautiful face
I had so much faith

I was alone, so alone
That I latched on to any source
Of affection, attention
No matter how strange
No matter how unknown

I'd talk to strange drunk people
And random strangers in buses
To find some common thread of thought
Or some fucked up philosophy
That would make me believe
I was not so alone
However strange or unknown

I can harp on about the past
Keep on reminiscing to make the memories last
Singing the same song
Like a record on repeat
If I keep on keeping on
Maybe I can avoid defeat

My past is my monkey
And my future is my wraith
I can only pine for the time
When I had so much faith

Man, are Sundays depressing or what.

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