Tuesday, September 13, 2016


i banged my head in a wall the other day
so hard i could hear the stars sing
they sang to me in french and latin
words i didn't know the meaning of

but the tune remains in my head
my head that hurts so much these days
i swear every time i close my eyes
i can see the fucking butterflies

they swirl around my head in a halo
of multi-colored wings, black feet
multi-faceted eyes, staring at me
judging, judging, judging

some days, i wish the butterflies would fly
away from here, away from my head
to leave me alone, to rot in my misery
so i can squeeze more poems from my existential dread

but my head is stacked with memories
boxes stacked with thoughts and feelings
sunsets, mornings, nights and a wish
a whiff of perfume locked in a safe
with a smile, an embrace, a kiss
double locked and chained, sealed with wax
i took a lick of the apple, how can i relax?

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