Monday, June 27, 2016


Maybe I should write a poem
Maybe I should write two
But no matter how many I write
Still can't get through

Like a morsel stuck in the throat
Of a girl in a fancy restaurant
Just as she starts to choke
Her words slur like drunken rants

Maybe I'm blubbering mind vomit here
Maybe poetry is a byproduct of fear
Maybe Tuesday won't be this bad
But Monday makes me so fuckin sad

Now the tv is always on
I drown my thoughts in a steady drone
Of people that only cook or eat
While my life runs on repeat

Monday, June 20, 2016

Black Feather

Winged one
Keeper of chains
Destroyer of dreams
Poison tongued
You've whispered
Sweet promises
In my waxy ears
I've heard
Your stories
Flags of lies
On dead seas
Unabashed unfurled
You've looked
Into my eyes
You've seen the void
Then you smiled
I've tried
To bite through the chains
But they're tighter yet
Around my neck
Now I drag
This weight I drag
That threatens
To pull me back
Into your loving embrace
Of roses and thorns

Read the words Black Feather and that led to this poem.

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Old Horse

Hello, old horse.
Still alive and trotting
Your skin has lost its lustre
And your mane is rotting

Hello, old horse
You just stand here these days
Counting down in your head
Silently visiting replays

Hello, old horse
There is a spark in your eye
Still some old lightening
Hiding in a clouded sky

Hello, old horse
It's time to say goodbye
Save the lightening
Save the thunder
For your final ride

Death rides a pale horse.