Monday, May 16, 2016

you know what this one's gonna be about

for the life of me
i can't remember
the label on those heavenly domes
if geomatrical perfection
could be made real
that would be it
so would be it.

just one look
made my palms sweat
with an urgent need to
caress and possess
but so mystefied was i
that the world around me blurred
so hypnotized was i
by that mathematical marvel
yet something in me stirred
as i stared with my jaw on the floor
afterimages of one who had walked out the door

now if someone asked me what it was like
i'd not really have any words to describe
even if i did, it'd not be fair
to know what I saw, you just had to be there
but here me out, this is what i have to say
i've got my head full of images but not a byte to waste
i swear i'd do do evil shit now, just to get a taste

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