Thursday, April 28, 2016

how to kill a man

this is not a manual
or an instructable
this is just a page
filled with the vomit of thoughts
that rise like dead bodies
left in the water for too long
all bloated and ugly
staring at you
with dead eyes filled with
a challenge
Are you going to write this fucking thing, boy?
you can't kill a man with bullets or knives or nooses or pillows
you just kill a body
you kill a man slow
with the drudgery of every day existence
piled on him brick by fucking brick
till the man can't move at all
burdened and weak
do you slit his throat then?
maybe offer a mercy exit?
you pile some more bricks on him
steal some more molecules of hope
that's the magic of every day
you really can do anything
if you're patient enough
and you enjoy watching others suffering
it's like cooking a dish
or drawing a drawing
bring the water to boil
each stroke a pin prick
it really is a long con
believe me
for i can see myself
dying under the bricks
in another ten years or so
maybe i'll come back and read this poem
maybe i won't remember to

1 comment:

  1. wow, we were actually going through something similar at the same time. and i'm quite sure that 10 years from now, we'll be ranting about the same shit... but we'll still forget to read back. that's life.