Sunday, March 6, 2016

supernova second

hate is never a one man job
it takes a village to hate
to hate with a passion, properly
to hate, religiously
hate is never a burst of static
it's the slow seepage that eats through concrete
drop by drop, dripping constantly
doing its dirty deeds behind the scenes
then one day you discover
the drapes have covered it all
the rot has sunk its deadly teeth in
the world is sinking
the world is shrinking
around the edges
it's a soft blur
a trick of light
was that a frown or a smile?
i'm not smart enough to tell
but if the world has to die
if nothing else ever survives
i'll lie to myself in that supernova second
that when you looked at me
you smiled
It's funny how this one started and how it ended. 


  1. I think you have just proved how smart you are - and told us how quickly the world can turn around