Thursday, March 10, 2016

Styrofoam Heart

One funny afternoon
One sunny afternoon
I was just taking a walk
Going my way, thinking
When I saw that thing on the road
All crunched up and broken
A styrofoam heart just lying alone
At least I think it was a heart
(Hard to tell with its condition) 
I almost picked it up
Without asking permission
Was something missing this heart
Was it stolen?
Was some android human 
Going around this city 
Without empathy or emotion or feelings?
Should I file a missing heart report
Maybe listen to the radio 
Where a stupid RJ might
Ask if someone has seen a styrofoam heart
Lying on some street somewhere
And if someone could return that heart
To its rightful owner
But that might not happen
Not a chance
So I picked up the heart and tried to mend it
I propped its piece and smoothed the creases
But it withered away 
In my hands
Now my fingers are slick 
With styrofoam dust
And the black hole in my chest is howling at the moon

This poem could have been longer, because the narrator spent a lot of time just looking at the piece of styrofoam in his hands. 

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