Saturday, March 5, 2016

scorpion in a jar

how did it get inside?
that's a tiny mystery
could it get outside?
that's for you and me to see

do you dare take the jar my friend?
the lid is a little loose you see
maybe you can hold it tight to your chest?
and hope, pray, wish for the best

scorpions are not lethal, are they?
most don't sting, but this one may
it's a fucking polite bastard, you know?
so here, take this jar and go

hold the lid and run my dear
you won't make it if you give in to fear
the scorpion is more afraid than you are
to leave the safety of the jar

I heard the word scorpion in Anger Rising by jerry cantrell, and that gave birth to this poem. The song is amazing, give it a listen.

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