Friday, February 19, 2016

tv spirituality

I've got the tv on
From night to morn
And I'm looking for the signs
That would tell me all is fine

I've got the channel numbers memorised
From history tv to colors infinity
None of my reminders ever clash
So I won't miss arrow or flash

I don't even download torrents anymore
It's all gonna be on tv any way
They've even got Mad Max Fury Road
And now they'll show it every day till may

There are new movies and shows
But I'm stuck to Discovery HD tonight
I don't like to watch romantic movies
But I like to watch animals fight

Sometimes the people on tv talk to me
They tell me what to buy and what to see
I've got my finger prints on the remote
Trapped in celluloid dream, to my throat
Will I ever want to be free?

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