Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The Search

I've looked for you in crevices
I've looked for you in cracks
I've looked for you in darkness
Always riding on my back

I've looked for you in dust
I've looked in water and in wine
I've looked at bottom of the bottle
You were not there. But that's fine.

So I looked into my dreams
And trust me I sleep a lot
I've taken naps to find you
But were you there? Not!

Sometimes I look through windows
At times I crack open doors
I've knocked on mirrors at times
Maybe I'll see you on some ocean shore

More than search for someone or something, this poem is about curiosity and how it can change a person. The rhyme remains, the structure remains, but this one is not the same animal at end as it was at beginning. For better? For worse? Who knows, it just is.

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