Monday, February 8, 2016

Captain Abakus

captain abakus has a leg made of wood
he's not really evil, but i can't say he's good
he's full of tall tales, his cons are quick
somehow he always has a sleeve up his tricks

captain abakus like to get drunk on rum
he needs more than a measure to loosen his tongue
a glass won't do, no sir, he drinks from a bottle
the rum goes in and the captain goes full throttle

captain abakus is a weird fucking fellow
his one eye is green and the other is yellow
his mustache is hooked like a sickle shaped moon
his voice is a blister but it carries a tune

captain abakus once told me this tale
any fool can win, but you should know how to fail
and since the day his leg lives inside a shark
he likes to get drunk and check out chicks in the park

I wrote down the words "captain abakus" in my journal some days ago and today his story just drifted out of the pages. 

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