Sunday, December 13, 2015

The World Engine

(Hit play, then read)

Deep in the bowels of the planet
The world engine spins
Fueled by hate, misery and paranoia
Feeding on bad decisions and sins

Metal teeth chew every thought 
Spitting out shit, burning in the heat
Under a black sun that radiates the muck
The world engine eats up all the ungiven fucks

It travels the core on treads made of skin and bones
Of sinners and winners, and ones left alone
In circles and circles the world engine goes
Celebrating a sick planet's death throes 

As the tectonic plates shift, the world engine keeps spinning
It eats through the core till there is nothing left
It cries out in horror when faced by the void
Then the world engine fucking eats itself.

I like this one.
I like writing poems from my laptop because it gives me more room to edit and play around with the formatting, the ones I send from my phone via email, they're more on-the-spot and raw. But hell, any port in the storm, right?

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