Friday, December 4, 2015

The Plant

I woke up and I could not even
Shake this image from my head
A plant uprooted violently from soft earth
Floating alone in silent space

Roots that reach out like arms
Towards stars and infinities
But it's doomed to orbit a single planet
Stuck in a loop till eternity

Leaves that wither and wilt and wane
Backlit by glow of a dying moon
A silhouette, spinning space debris
In this monochrome prison

Then, in the frigid merciless void
A drop of magic leaks through
Through the fabric of space and time
And a new leaf bursts out of the gloom

Hidden by the shadows and the shade
It looks at the big blue, nourished by hope
The orbit is skewed, the loop is screwed
The plant readies itself for things anew

This one needs a lot of fixing. But I'm getting back into reading space sci-fi and this thought, or this image of an uprooted plant floating in space, I just could not not write about it.

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