Tuesday, December 8, 2015

The Irritant

A single mosquito buzzing buzzing buzzing
And you can't figure out where the fuck it is
A paper cut that stings, a cuticle torn
Or waking up in middle of night cuz of someone's snores

The one slow driver on the road
The one person who just doesn't understand
The one shit talker with all the bad jokes
And the fake laughter of ass lickers

The silence that threatens to creep in, in place of love
When you take long walks just to be away
When you talk and talk and talk and talk
But you really didn't have anything to say

The irritation is like death from a thousand cuts
It never stops, you never bleed enough
And you keep shovelling that shit in your ears
And you keep talking to silence your fears

I'm so irritated these days and remembering all the things that irritate/d me.

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