Tuesday, December 15, 2015


I roll my eyes to the skies
And wonder at the injustices in the world
Why are things the way they are
It makes zero sense on best days

On worst days it's like a stone in your shoe
When you've got to spend the whole day running
You take off the shoe and the stone disappears
And reappears on next step like a magic trick

It's an itch that you can't scratch
That keeps bothering you inside and out
You reach and fuck your posture up
But still there's no relief, there never is

You can't pause life, love
It moves exactly one day at a time
So you dig your toes into the sand
And enjoy the waves as much as you can

Where was I going with this one? I don't really know, it just poured out of me.
Gotta get better. 
Every day.
Kinda stole one line from Incubus. Kinda.

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