Tuesday, December 22, 2015


It's been ages since we met, old friend
But I'm sure you remember the time
When I used to point at you in the sky
To tell you the things I loved and hated
Then the skies greyed out
And I spent more and more time under artificial lights
Drunk on love, lust and desire
Bound by a sense of worthless duty
I forgot you
I forgot you were even there
Still looking at me
Looking out for me, maybe
As I sped through life
Reckless with a death wish
Looking ahead, always forward
Faster faster faster
Not even once did I bother
To look up

Now trapped in this jungle
Cold in the darkness
I turned my gaze to the skies
And there you were
Looking back at me
Just as always

Probably the easiest constellation to spot in the night sky. I hate living in light polluted cities where we are so busy that we don't even look at the sky anymore. Everyone is jacked into their fucking devices and lost in the fight for existence. You've to kill yourself every day just to stay alive. Just a reminder to myself that I should look up more.

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