Monday, December 28, 2015


just don't
ask me if i'm okay
if i am angry
if i am upset
if you felt the need
to ask the question
the answer is a definite yes

but i won't say it
i won't tell you
it's too late to do so
that ship has sailed
the building burnt to ashes
the crop has turned to dust
what's fucked can't be unfucked

uh, what i actually mean to say is
what i really fucking want to say is
if after all these years
we still need to ask each other
the same stupid fucking questions?

please open your eyes and see
look up from the screen at me
why won't you look at me?
is facebook really so fucking interesting?

it's okay.
i'm okay.
i really am. okay.
i've got screens of my own
and i can drown much better in retina 

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