Saturday, November 7, 2015

The Egg of Misery

I thought there was one
But in reality there were two
I thought I was alone in my pain
But God threw me in the mix with you

Now we both float in this cloud of dust
Overtaken by mutant radiation and disgust
Skin is falling apart in patches, so is hair
If I wasn't here would you be there, I don't care

The stain on my heart is the spit in your mouth
When I told you my sins you didn't even shout
I told I told I told you so many different things
Now all's said and done and the fat lady doesn't sing

The egg of misery is finally broken
In black and green goo we both lie open
My throat is jammed and you want to kiss me
If I don't get to breathe, then soon you will miss me.

Old poem, from 2011 I think.

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