Thursday, November 5, 2015


There is a bee in my bonnet
A bug in the system
A spanner in the gears
Throwing thing out of rhythm

This machine is fucked up
Heaving and clawing and biting the earth
Screeching noise to high heavens
Still climbing still rolling forth

Where is this fucking thing going
Without any sign of slowing
Barreling into the stop signs
Thrashing smashing over the land mines

Will this crash or survive
Will this machine arrive
Where it's supposed to go
Will someone let me know?


  1. It will go where you want it to go.You need to take control of it for that though.

    have a nice day friend.

  2. @rainboy

    Long long time and no see buddy. Some machines go their own way with no sense of control. This is one of those things :D