Saturday, November 21, 2015

feel so blank today

i am chasing a lot of words
they keep running away from me
i make ropes of my fingers
and try to bring them in

but the words are slippery and sly
they slip, slide and scamper away
i am running here and there looking for them
but they do not come my way

maybe i should use magnets
maybe i should use some kind of bait
maybe i should threaten them
but time is short, i am already late

there are deadlines hovering on my head
like vultures with curved beaks and sharp claws
they see and they want me dead
but they'll never drag this keyboard from my paws

i feel sad, so sad, i cannot work but
my heart is a wolf, a demon, a rapscallion dark
so i use the pen and the paper, to make my mark
cuz the bite of this fucker is worse than his bark

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