Thursday, October 29, 2015


Let me go to sleep, please
Let your darkness wash over me
I have had enough of light
Now I just want to dream

Why am I awake
In this caffeinated haze
Filled to my gills with Mountain Dew
Bleeding my nails on bars of my cage

Let me close my eyes, please
It's been a thousand fucking years
I am done, I am so done with this
My dry eyes have run out of tears

Why am I here
Smashing my head in these walls
Filled to my gills with thoughts so blue
I've lost the power to believe at all

Let me lie down for five minutes, please
In the hollow embrace of my own arms
While I keep wishing it was you
While I keep wishing it was you

Monday, October 19, 2015

Floating (3 of 3)

This strange place
Inside one head
Inside so many heads
People thinking wishing dreaming
People lying, scheming screaming
This control center of the hive mind
The window to the eyes of the world

This is where the magic happens
And now this tachyon
This filthy little tachyon
Has his finger on the switch
This planet will die like a bitch

This rage, this frustration
This age, this situation
Words and worlds that mean nothing
But shit
Fuck all gods
This is fucking it

The tachyon punches a button 
And the world goes dark
The dogs that bite
Seldom bark
All thoughts
All fiction
All poetry
All art
Thrown into a bin
The world of man
Choked on its sin

And the tachyon keeps floating
In the void
Waiting for something to happen
But nothing does
Nothing ever does