Monday, July 13, 2015

I wrote this poem for you

  • See, I wrote this poem
  • If you’ll listen to it, I’ll read
  • You sweetly tell me “later”
  • You’re busy watching TV
  • We both know there won’t be later
  • It hasn’t been here since ‘13
  • You’ll forget but I’ll remember
  • All the things that haven’t been
  • If you think that I’ll feel guilty
  • Then, Mrs., I’ve got news for you
  • If you won't listen to my poems
  • I'm sure someone else will do
  • (cross posted from my tumblr)

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chainsaw Forest

You'll hear it before you see it
They're always on
You'll fear it before you be it
Don't dare to go there alone

Behind the hill
In the valley
By the stream
Lies the forest

All of them hear
The noise that never ends
All of them fear
But everyone pretends

Maybe we could meet there
Weave our way through the whirring spines
Maybe we could bleed there
Fuel the ground for some more time

This world is a chainsaw forest for me and you
It hungers, screams, lusts for bloody fuel
We could be careful as fuck as we tread through
While we wrap wicked wounds with weary words

For you, because you love alliteration.