Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Circles and Spirals

It was a long time ago
(really long time ago)
when i read that poem

some star-struck, heart-broken poet wrote
lovers are like two points of a compass
always connected
dancing with each other

but real life is not that simple
lovers can't draw a circle and call it quits
there are things that divide the circles
there are words we don't know the meaning of
there are lines that run parallel never to meet
like train tracks headed into a dark tunnel

i wish loving someone was as simple as a circle
you sacrifice everything and expect nothing
but human heart is a son of a bitch
always needing to scratch that invisible itch

if you don't scratch that itch, it will drive you insane
and when it ends, you might not remember your name

there are spirals within the circles, and we're all tied in our silent coves
spinning threads that might just bring us closer
or send us away from each other


I need to get back to this blog, I swear I do.

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