Wednesday, July 2, 2014

the art of doing nothing

there is a certain perverse joy
in sitting and staring at a wall
with no concern, no thought
no fear of the future at all

even if the future is crawling
after you at its slow pace
you can just sit and stare at your wall
just resign from the rat race

the art of doing nothing
it takes years to master
but once you've got the hang of it
you can do nothing faster

stare at walls long enough
the walls start staring back at you
when you want to do nothing
there is nothing you can do


  1. Ha! I am familiar with this feeling. Nicely Penned.

  2. Lol nice one :)
    Actually I stumbled across your other blog with ur 60 ideas :D (btw stumbled as in not in stumble upon) :D
    It was one crazy and thought provoking article :D I don't know y u have ur comments disabled there stil good work :) btw loved the ending there :)