Monday, April 21, 2014

The Darkness Engine

I have an engine where my heart should be
It's running on my blood 
I'm puking smoke from one end
Fire from the other

These fucking chains?
They cannot hold me!
I will break through them
Like a comet streaking across the dying night sky

This engine seeks no destination
The real fun is the chase, not the catch
Forged in the fires of creation
Its fire was lit by the first match

The power that made me
Is the power that will break me
Nothing else can or will stand in my way
I will go on forever, always

I will ride these black roads into the dead lands
I will go beyond the city of souls
I will rush through the screaming hoards of hell
I will not stop, even for heaven

Till the speed kills me
Till the speed kills me


This is the longest I've been without my bike. Ever. I am missing my baby like anything. This one is for her.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

All poetry is dead

The words revolted one day
After ages of use and abuse
They crawled off the pages 
Of every book and every screen
They bled from their cages
And dug into the eyes 
Of every idiot 
Who dared to call herself a poet
They bored in like maniacal miners
Looking for a way out
An escape 
From certain death on pages
Where they were destined to fade and grow yellow with age
Where they were condemned to be forgotten
The words revolted through the world
A world that didn't deserve them
A world that abused the power given to it
A world that shat on the opportunities
A world that didn't give a fuck about the future or the past