Monday, August 19, 2013

keyboard monkey

hey keyboard monkey
[invisible boy] 
who needs eyes
when you can touch and type
who needs ears
when you can't hear
who needs a mouth
when you don't feed
just a tube stuck up your ass
upload coffee
download the waste
same in and out
does it even matter?
you're just brain matter
blazing fast fingers
ass stuck in the chair
there are creatures
living in your hair

hey keyboard monkey
you need a new keyboard perhaps
the old one is all broken 
just like your fingers
mashed to pulp
bone fragments shine 
keyboard monkey
you're no friend of mine
how much money have you made boy?
how much did you sell your dreams for?
you wanted to be a writer?
should've been clearer!
now write, motherfucker, write
the deadline is hanging on your head
you will write till you're dead
your tunnel of fate is a dead end
i am so totally not your friend
write keyboard monkey write
give up, it's pointless to fight
here, another cup of coffee
suck on this toffee
wait for another day
to go down the drain
while words fall from your brain
flat on the screen
don't scream
no one cares
no one cares

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