Thursday, May 16, 2013

Are You Happy?

Every happy man hides a secret
It's hidden just behind his smile
Something dark and something wicked
Insidious, malevolent and vile

I've observed the happy man's smile
It never reaches his eyes
His eyes that are full of hopelessness
A vacant stare that bores through lies

When I walked in dark streets of this city
I often thought of the happy man
Jealous of his happiness, slightly
Could I ever do, what he can?

Maybe some of us are not meant to be
Smiling, laughing or simply happy
Because once The Fire sets in a soul
It doesn't stop till it burns it all

What use is happiness if it doesn't burn?
Like stars in the night, violent lessons learned
Fueled by fear, anger, hate and malice
Who the fuck would want happiness?
Every once in a while, i like one of my poems more than I like other of my poems. This one is a favorite child.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Bitter Dream

The bitter taste in mouth 
Is just a sliver of a dream
That escaped forgetfulness
Now it's a weight on my chest

Did we grow apart as I slept?
Or did we come together?
Why don't I remember?
As I chew this bitter dream

I could spit this dream and move on
By next night I'd be gone (gone, gone)
But still I sit here and moan
Even with you, all alone

So I share this bitter dream with you
A kiss of chewed, bitter destiny
My pain is now your discomfort, too
Isn't that how it's supposed to be?


A man sits on the side of the road
His head in his hands, tears in his eyes
He is not concerned with the world around him
He is just afraid of what's inside.

The beast

Sweat, the bitter stink of failure
Blood, flowing back to a dirty drain
Pain, a grin scratched in dirt
Tears, mixing with the pain

The beast

Killing all that is dead
Breathing in the dust of dreams
Swirling thoughts in his head
Silenced by the screams

The beast

When the beast looks up
Into your eyes
It knows you
Mirrors never lie