Friday, March 15, 2013

The Synonym [ Third Light ]

Most of all the biggest slight. The deepest cut. The shameless thing. Is that they all expect you, to be excited. While I sit here and fail to understand if being excited is what it's all about. How can a person force a smile on his face when the world around him is falling apart? How can you have a hope for future, when you're simply crawling at the start? We were told it'd all get better. We were told it'd all make sense. We were filled with truth and light. And a sense of confidence. 

Now the truth is in front of our eyes and it does not look pretty at all. Like an open wound, a sore that has festered, look closer and you'll see the worms crawl. Maybe it's for the best that we give up right now. Or for the worst that we'll face the shame of the days that are yet to come. Maybe we should get this tattooed on our skin, that hope is a synonym for pain. 

Feeling pretty hopeless, because we expect stuff from others. 


  1. Amazing read! Also reminded me of 'things fall apart'. Also, I read it in rap style. :S

  2. So true. Sometimes "Hope is synonym of pain" when we expect too much.